Does Robotron even NEED an introduction!? This is a remake of the classic Williams arcade game “Robotron: 2084”.

Robotron Cabinet Art

Robotron is one of my favorite classic arcade games, and it was a lot of fun to recreate due to its fast-paced gameplay and varied interactions between enemies, obstacles, and the player. Also, I really enjoy its pixelated rendition of 80s sci-fi visuals!

Robotron Title

You can download the game (PC only) or download the source code. The game is pretty old, so I’m not sure how well it runs on modern systems - be warned!


This game was created for a USC “video game production” class assignment which challenged us to observe an existing game closely and understand how all the objects were interacting to create an exciting gameplay experience.

Robotron Title

While I attempted to mimic the graphics, sounds, and behaviours of the original game, the levels themselves differ because I didn’t reverse-engineer the level system of the original game. Some of the effects that were simple to do on the original arcade hardware, such as color palatte shifting for the many blinking effects, were pretty difficult to recreate in the “click-and-drag” confines of Game Maker.

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