Skullgirls is the mobile version of the hit console game. Skullgirls is a true mobile fighting game experience that’s easy to pick up for casual players, but still challenging for seasoned fighting game veterans.

Skullgirls is a fighting game with a unique art style that harkens back to classic 2D fighters, while boasting high-fidelity and lush 2D graphics. The mobile game also introduces RPG elements, such as leveling up, evolving, equipping and collecting moves, and status effects that affect how the fight plays out!

Skullgirls is available on iOS and Android via the Apple App Store and Google Play Stores: Apple App Store Google Play Store


When we started working on Skullgirls, we didn’t know whether it would even be feasible on mobile platforms. My primary responsibility to start was to port the 2D rendering systems from C++ to Unity and see whether a Unity-based port would be viable. Fortunately, it was!

Skullgirls Gameplay

From there, I served as the lead engineer on Skullgirls Mobile. I was responsible for porting most of the functionality from the console game to mobile, including the 2D rendering and art loading, fighter logic, and hitbox logic.

Our goal was to make the porting of assets between the console and mobile game fairly simple. This included many assets: art, state machine data, sound and music, 2D art for story/dialogue, and fight stages. I believe we have largely succeeded in defining straightforward pipelines that allow such assets to be easily shared.

The mobile game also needed a lot of features that weren’t in the console game. I was responsible for implementing a flexible UI framework using Unity’s UGUI system, which was used extensively for the deep meta-game systems outside of fighting.

Additionally, Skullgirls Mobile requires an extensive server backend as an online-only “free to play” title. We partnered with Code Particle, who provided vital support for getting us on the right track with our backend implementation. Since then, our internal knowledge of backend programming using Java on the AWS platform has exploded!

Skullgirls began development in January of 2015, and it was originally released in early 2017. We are still actively developing the game, with exciting new features coming in 2018!

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