G-Engine #4: Basic 3D Rendering

In the last G-Engine post, we got our game loop and frame “delta time” calculations working. We’ve now got a blank, empty game window - yay? But we’ve also got some semblance of life under the hood: an update loop being called at roughly 60 frames per second.

Empty windows are no fun, so my next goal is to get something - anything - rendering in the game window. After all, graphics are a vital and exciting part of gameplay! And being able to render can give us valuable visual feedback as we move on to implementing things like 3D object placement, cameras, rotations, and data loading for things like 3D meshes and animations.

This post will focus on rendering a single triangle on screen. Though the result is simple, we’ll cover a lot of ground towards building a rendering system that will be extended and enhanced as we move forward.

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